The U.S. Ambassador said about the availability of funds to stop the “Nord stream — 2”

Loading of pipes for the construction of the pipeline Nord stream-2.

Посол США заявил о наличии средств для остановки "Северного потока  —  2"
© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Thomas Eugster

BRUSSELS, 13 Nov — the United States has the means to hinder the implementation of the project “Northern stream-2”, which makes Europe and therefore the United States is vulnerable, said on Tuesday the US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland.

According to the US Ambassador to the EU, the project is geopolitical and will put Europe in a vulnerable position.

“When the Europeans vulnerable, the United States is also vulnerable. We do not want in the winter off the gas because of the crisis. We don’t want Europeans turned this situation”, — he explained Washington’s position in relation to the project, speaking in Brussels.

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