The telescope “Chandra” has been translated into “safe mode,” said NASA

X-ray telescope ChandraТелескоп "Чандра" переведен в "безопасный режим", заявили в НАСА

MOSCOW, 12 Oct – /strong>. Orbital x-ray telescope “Chandra” moved in “safe mode” and stopped to conduct scientific observations on Wednesday evening due to an unknown failure in its operation, reports NASA.

“All that I can and I can say the telescope is successfully switched to the backup set of critical devices, and we don’t yet know what caused the crash. We do not plan to resume observations as long as the cause of transition to safe mode will not be disclosed,” said Jonathan McDowell (Jonathan McDowell), an astronomer from Harvard and one of the members of the research team Chandra.

X-ray telescope “Chandra” refers to the so-called “great observatories” NASA is an expensive space telescopes, launched by the space Agency of the United States in 1990 and 2000 for full coverage of the entire range of electromagnetic waves. The first of these was the Hubble is able to observe the cosmos in the visible and ultraviolet part of the spectrum, and the last infrared “Spitzer” launched in 2003.

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