The survey showed the attitude of Russians to Trump

The US President Donald trump.

Опрос показал отношение россиян к Трампу
© AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

MOSCOW, 30 Nov — the Number of Russians who negatively perceived the US President Donald trump, over half a year has doubled — to 46%, according to a survey of Fund “Public opinion”.

According to the study, if in June 2017 negatively to Trump treated 25% of respondents at the end of November the number had risen to 46%. Positively to the American President applies to 13% of Russians (24% in June 2017). Another 41% could not answer the question.

The question has improved in the last six months, the attitude of the Tramp, only 2% of respondents answered in the affirmative. About the deterioration relationship for six months said 18%. The majority — 71% — reported that their attitude to the President of the United States has not changed.

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