“The suppression of voters” who can’t vote in US elections

Passers-by at the poster on the vote in US elections.

"Подавление избирателей": кто не сможет проголосовать на выборах в США
Alexey Filippov

WASHINGTON, 3 Nov – Grigory Dubovitsky. The upcoming midterm elections in the U.S. Congress can pass a record for these elections, voter turnout, according to many American experts. This is due to the desire of the Democrats to take revenge for defeat in 2016, and the counter-desire of the Republicans to rebuff the attacks on the President of Donald trump and the party as a whole.

In absolute terms, supporters of the Democrats more than the Republicans, but current US laws do not guarantee the victory of the “blue” (as happened two years ago).

A number of such laws is associated with restrictions of access of citizens to vote. Opponents of these measures call them “voter suppression” (voter suppression). presents an overview of restrictions that will likely have an impact on the upcoming elections.

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