The state Department urged the EU to abandon the “Nord stream — 2”

The construction of the pipeline Nord stream-2.

В Госдепе призвали Евросоюз отказаться от "Северного потока — 2"
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WASHINGTON, 5 Dec – a Senior official of the US state Department said that the incident with the detention of military ships of Ukraine in the Kerch Strait at the border violation of the Russian Federation should force the EU to abandon the “Nord stream-2”. Earlier, the German foreign Minister has stated that the incident in the Black sea did not change the relationship of Berlin to the construction of this pipeline.

“The incident in Kerch should be a reminder to all European allies that “Nord stream-2” is a bad idea. And this incident provides more clarity in this. I would say that the incident in Kerch — the reminder that the more gas you have the infrastructure to bypass Ukraine thanks to the “Nord stream-2″, the weaker the deterrent and deter Russian military aggression”, — he said.

Transcript of the official press service of the state Department. The name of the representative office is not specified, but one of the fragments of speech he calls himself a co-chair of the Commission, the USA and Ukraine on strategic partnership. It is known that on the American side, this Commission is chaired by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, and the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

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