The state Department reacted to the interception of the American plane, the Russian su-27

Flight of the su-27.

В Госдепе отреагировали на перехват американского самолета российским Су-27
Igor Zarembo

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 – the United States consider the actions of the Russian su-27 during the interception of an American reconnaissance aircraft over the Black sea is unsafe, irresponsible and aggressive, said Thursday the state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

“Russia acted recklessly in international airspace over the Black sea. We urge Russia to cease unsafe, irresponsible and aggressive behavior,” she wrote on Twitter.

The command of the naval forces of the United States said earlier that during the interception of the November 5, su-27 is so close to the plane EP-3 Aries that he experienced turbulence and fluctuations. The statement was backed up by video convergence.

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