The state Department has accused Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s presidential election

The building of the U.S. state Department in Washington.

Госдеп обвинил Россию во вмешательстве в президентские выборы на Украине
© 2018 AFP / Nicholas Kamm

WASHINGTON, 5 Dec – a Senior official of the US state Department said that Russia “is at a high level” interfere in Ukraine’s presidential election.

“We see significant growth already at a very high level of Russian intervention (elections – ed.) in Ukraine… As you know, the state Department has provided extensive practical support to the Ukrainians. Our office is very active there, we also target a great help for improving the cyber security of Ukraine”, — he said.

Transcript of the official press service of the state Department. The name of the representative office is not specified, but one of the fragments of speech he calls himself a co-chair of the Commission, the USA and Ukraine on strategic partnership. It is known that on the American side, this Commission is chaired by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

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