The SETI Institute did not find traces of aliens on “interstellar asteroid”

So the artist has depicted an interstellar asteroid Omwamwi

Институт SETI не нашел следов инопланетян на "межзвездном астероиде"

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – Long observation of the asteroid Omwamwi at the time of its closest approach to the Earth, exclude the presence on its surface “all artificial sources of radio waves or other signals.” To such conclusion came the astronomers from the Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI, published an article in the journal Acta Astronautica.

“We tried at least some signal, which would point to the artificial nature of this object. We haven’t found anything like this, despite the very high sensitivity of our telescopes. On the other hand, while it is impossible to say exactly what our observations completely exclude that Omului created by aliens,” says Gerry Harp (Gerry Harp) from the Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI in mountain view (USA).

In mid-October last year, an automated telescope Pan-STARRS1 discovered the first “interstellar” on a celestial body. This object was named “comet”, received a temporary name C/U1 2017, and it started to follow dozens of ground-based and orbiting telescopes.

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