The scientists told, when the avatars will replace humans in the virtual world

Virtual reality

Ученые рассказали, когда аватары заменят людей в виртуальном мире

MOSCOW, Nov 9 — Tatiana Pichugina. The perception of the person is so perfect that it will not disappoint even the most advanced virtual reality. However, the developers of the respective systems expect a quick breakthrough in solving the problems of depth of focus, widen the angle of view, improved optics. When to expect the transformation of users into full-fledged avatars in the material

World of stereo

The emergence of virtual reality (VR) has become inevitable since, as in the XIX century opened the stereo invented stereofotografii. In the novel by American science fiction writer Stanley Weinbaum “Glasses Pygmalion”, published in 1930, describes a device similar to the mask of the diver which is filled with liquid. Wearing it, the person is immersed in a virtual world where he feels the touch, smells, hear sounds.

“Virtual reality systems many advantages: they give a much more impressive picture of the world, lots of wow-effects. With the improvement of the content, understanding how to operate these devices, the advantages of their application and the minuses — less” — explains Galina Rozhkova, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, chief researcher of the laboratory of visual systems, Institute of information transmission problems, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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