The Russian Embassy has called on Washington to “rein in the wards”

The Russian Embassy in Washington.

Российское посольство призвало Вашингтон "обуздать подопечных"
Alex Agaryshev

WASHINGTON, 27 Nov – the Russian Embassy in the United States called on Washington to “curb their charges” in connection with the shares of the Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine.

“In solidarity with our colleagues in Kiev and consulates General of Russia in Ukraine, regularly experiencing manifestations of aggression. Urge the United States to rein in, finally, the wards. Rampant in Ukraine, radical nationalists and neo-Nazis must be stopped”, — stated in the message on the page Embassy in Facebook.

From Sunday evening at the Russian dipuchrezhdeny in Ukraine in connection with the incident in the Black sea rallies. In Kiev with flares and smoke bombs pelted the Russian Embassy in Lviv and Kharkiv demonstrations with burning tires and the throwing of flares, similar events happened in Odessa.

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