The Pentagon is looking for a new map of Europe. To transport troops to the East

Soldiers of the U.S. army at the opening of the multinational exercise Rapid Trident-2018 at the Yavoriv training ground in Lviv regionПентагон ищет новые карты Европы. Для переброски войск на Восток of stringer

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The U.S. military selects contractors that will provide detailed mapping information about most European countries, and are willing to pay for this $ 50 million. Why would the Pentagon need a detailed charts of the area, roads, settlements, underground utilities in Europe — versed

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The us military is interested in everything. Aerospace photograms, stereoacuity, geophysical maps, charts, land and underground utilities, including utility networks, topographic data, measurement and surveying — both electronic and paper media. As well as access to existing map databases. Area of interest — 31 European country, and in the list there is no Belarus, Moldova and Russia, but there is Ukraine and Georgia.

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