“The Pentagon budget goes in the sand”. Americanist about a new scandal in the United States air force

The us military is in the queue for the Burger king"Бюджет Пентагона уходит в песок". Американист о новом скандале в ВВС США© AP Photo / Chris TomlinsonАмериканские air force has spent nearly a third of a million dollars for the purchase of 400 coffee mugs, a media report said. Americanist Dmitry Mikheev on radio Sputnik noted that the US military budget is not only a fantastic size, but also a fantastic waste.

The U.S. air force from 2016 to 2018 spent 326 $ 785 for the purchase of mugs, heated coffee in airplanes. About it reports USA Today, citing a letter from the Minister of the air force Heather Wilson for Senator Charles of Grisly.

It is noted that a total of three years, the military has purchased 391 such a mug, the average value of each equal to about 835 dollars. It is reported that only Travis air force base in California these mugs bought more than 56 thousand dollars.

The representative of the airbase said that the high price is due to the fact that mugs are used on the aircraft of the old design and they are long taken out of production, and new models in older aircraft cannot be set.

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