The MP told as Walker threatened lifting of sanctions against Russia

Special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker. Депутат Рады рассказал как Волкер грозил снятием санкций с РоссииCC BY 2.0 / U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine / Kurt Volker

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — the Verkhovna Rada voted for the extension of the law on the special status of Donbass due to the fact that the US special envoy in Ukraine Kurt Volker threatened with the lifting of sanctions against Russia, this broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy Alexander Vilkul.

According to the MP, Parliament made concessions after “nonpublic” meetings Volker with representatives of parliamentary factions, during which the special representative of the United States spoke about possible withdrawal of Europe anti-Russian sanctions in the event of failure of this law.

“We have quite a serious problem — half of the European countries aggressively wants to remove sanctions against Russia. Because they carry large economic losses because they’re not at all sure that is true, what is untrue, whether in fact the Ukrainian government to end the war. Half of the European countries want to lift sanctions. If you, dear Ukrainian parliamentarians, even the most nationalist will not vote for this law, half of the European countries will simply remove the sanctions, and therefore, scattering of this design, which is today” — quoted the American diplomat politician.

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