The media talked about unnecessary spending of the U.S. air force base in Cyprus

The plane before take-off from a military base in Cyprus. СМИ рассказали о неоправданных тратах США на базу ВВС на Кипре© Photo : Ministry of Defence/Cpl L Matthews, 83EAG, Royal Air Force Photographer

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — the US in 2017 “quietly” closed the air force base on the island of Cyprus, which were “unclear goals” and the contents of which took about 71 million dollars, informs television channel ABC, citing the report of the office of the inspector General (OIG) of the Department of state.

According to the document, the base was established in September 2013 and closed in August 2017. It was located in Cyprus, there were deployed five helicopters and about 40 contract personnel, the contents of which cost US about $ 20 million a year.

According to the report, the airbase was established without the approval of the aviation governing Board (AGB) of the Department of state, foreign office, the United States failed to explain the purpose of the database is created, the likelihood of use or the expected cost of evacuation of personnel. Could not find and documents about potential alternatives to the production database. It is noted that the state Department “could save almost $ 71 million”, getting rid of potentially unnecessary expenditure if followed proper procedures.

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