The international Committee to protect journalists is concerned about the situation with Wyszynski

The head of the portal Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky at a meeting in the Kherson appeal court.

Международный Комитет защиты журналистов обеспокоен ситуацией с Вышинским

WASHINGTON, 3 Dec — the US-Based international organization “Committee to protect journalists” (CPJ) is concerned about the situation around the head of the portal Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky and other journalists, said the program coordinator for Europe and Central Asia CPJ of Gulnoza said.

“A matter of great concern that such journalists as Kirill Vyshinsky, detained in Ukraine, and Roman Sushchenko, sitting in prison in Russia, and Stanislav Aseev held by separatists in Eastern Ukraine, were killed in the war between Kiev and Moscow. We previously expressed concern about the plight of these journalists and called on the relevant authorities to let them go. We will continue to do it,” she said.

Vyshinsky was taken into custody in Kiev may 15, 2018. He announced that he was suspected of supporting the breakaway republics of Donbass and treason. The maximum punishment under this article provides till 15 years of imprisonment. Kherson city court on may 17 sent Wyszynski into custody. The defence appealed the arrest, but the court dismissed the appeal. During the meeting, Vyshinsky asked for help to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He also said that they will refuse Ukrainian citizenship

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