The head of NASA spoke about the possible existence of life on Mars

The head of NASA breidenstein D., gave a lecture at MSUГлава НАСА рассказал о возможном существовании жизни на Марсе

MOSCOW, October 9 – Jim Breidenstein, the head of NASA, did not rule out the existence of life on Mars, and noted that the discovery “will forever change” the attitude of countries to the study of the cosmos. He told this at a lecture at the Fundamental library of Moscow state University.

“I was appointed by NASA’s administrator recently, this spring, and in the next five months I have witnessed amazing discoveries, which commit both the Russian and American scientists. They have radically changed our understanding of Mars, found traces of fluctuation of methane concentration in the atmosphere,” said Breidenstein.

Traces of life

As the head of the space Agency, these variations “perfect match” with how they replace each other summer and winter seasons on Mars. According to him, it does not allow to speak about existence of life on the red planet, but significantly increases the likelihood of its existence, together with some other discoveries, such as the deposition of complex organics, recently found by the Mars Curiosity Rover.

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