The German newspaper explained why the United States needs “the special status of Donbass”

Participants of the torchlight procession of activists of right-wing organizations in Lviv. Немецкая газета объяснила, зачем США нужен "особый статус Донбасса" Stringer

MOSCOW, October 9 — Ukraine again, until 2019, will extend the law on the special status for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and thus showed that the Kiev authorities do not want to hear the rebellious region, writes the German newspaper Junge Welt.

The publication stresses that the special status for Donbass — this is fiction. It is assumed that it should be installed after the regional elections according to Ukrainian law, but in reality it will lead to the end for both republics.

According to the newspaper, the problem lies in the fact that the law formally is based on the Minsk agreements, which require the withdrawal of heavy weapons, Amnesty for the inhabitants of the two regions and other concessions from the Ukrainian authorities, but they do not want to hear. And in this they are actively supported by the US.

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