The French newspaper revealed an important factor in international success

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a memorial ceremony at the arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Французская газета раскрыла важный фактор международного успеха Путина
The press service of the President of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — For many years, Russia comes out the winner most of the international geopolitical conflicts as the reason for this is getting an excellent education President of Russia Vladimir Putin, writes the French newspaper Figaro.

His understanding of geography, knowledge of the political maps of the planet and the main features of each state and the people play an important role in the success of Russia in the international arena, the newspaper notes.

As an example, the paper cites a case when Putin interrupted the speech of the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev, who spoke about the supply of pork in Indonesia. The President explained that he is mistaken, because it is a predominantly Muslim country, where Islam is practiced by 87 percent of the population, put the pork in there is impossible. Unlike other world leaders, he is aware associated with the culture difference in education and mindset of other people that allows him to make better policy, the newspaper notes.

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