The foreign Ministry recognizes the potential damage from new sanctions of the USA

The building of the foreign Ministry. В МИД признают возможный вред от новых санкций США© /a>

MOSCOW, 12 Oct – the New US sanctions, which can introduce against Russia in November, doesn’t cause the RF catastrophic damage, they may significantly hurt, but not critically, said in an interview with the Director of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Georgy Borisenko.

Once U.S. sanctions against Russia came into force on 27 August. The basis for their introduction were the accusations against the Russian Federation in the use of chemical weapons in the British Salisbury, where he was poisoned, former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia. Russia denies these accusations and offers joint investigation into the incident, which London does not agree. The second, more stringent round of sanctions could be introduced in November: the ban in this case could affect lending to Russian legal entities, export and import of goods.

Speaking about possible retaliatory measures of Russia, the Russian diplomat noted that Russia “has not been anti-Russian attacks”, but “do not necessarily respond in the same coin, coming to this pragmatic, taking into account their interests”.

“The main impact of the us sanctions – advocacy. Their proponents are trying to take us to the fear, to create panic with alarming headlines in the media. No catastrophic damage to the Western limit of Russia to put is not able. Hurt – Yes, even sensitive, but not critical”, — said Borisenko.

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He recalled that since 2011 the US has imposed sanctions against Russia 61 times. According to him, it shows that the last 60 rounds of restrictive measures “was not given desirable for their authors.”

“Those who too believe in the “exceptionalism of America” continue to think that it is worth pushing, will manage to force Russia to fulfill the conditions that it dictates US, to force to refuse an independent line in the international arena. Fail. Can look in the dustbin of history, where a lot of the same willing to subjugate our country,” — said the Director of the Department of the Russian foreign Ministry.

В МИД признают возможный вред от новых санкций США© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures

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