The flight of the Russian-American mission to Venus will take six months

The Planet VenusПолет российско-американской миссии к Венере займет полгода

MOSCOW, 9 Oct — the Flight to the planet Venus Russian-American missions “Venera-D”, scheduled for 2026, will take about six months, said a researcher of the space research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Irina Kovalenko.

As previously reported in the direct line of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, scientists from the U.S. and Russia are working together on a mission to study Venus. Satellite “Venera-D” is scheduled to open in 2026 with the help of the carrier rocket “Angara”.

“There are two options of flight to Venus — short, four months, and the longest, six months. They have about the same features cost of fuel and the output payload. For 2026 is optimal flights in six months with the launch in June,” — said Kovalenko.

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