The first world war: lessons not learned

The bodies of dead German soldiers. 1915

Первая мировая война: неусвоенные уроки
© /a>the First world war changed the world almost beyond recognition. And it’s not just about the geopolitical and economic consequences. There was a revolution in art, aesthetics, and even partly in human psychology. And not the fact that for the better.

The eleventh of November, 1918 Compiegne truce means the surrender of Germany, ended the First world war, which lasted more than four years. Six months later, was signed compiled by the States-winners of the Treaty of Versailles, finally spreading dots. In the fighting killed more than 10 million people, about 20 million were wounded. Another 20 million victims – it’s the hunger, destruction and epidemics caused by the most terrible at the time global war in the history of the planet. As a quarter of a century, Russian soldiers who defended and saved the allies, endured all her weight, what many today do not like to remember. But if history can be awkward to rewrite, then it is impossible to change, to alter.

That war is, no doubt, was precisely the world with dozens of theatres in various parts of the world. And the results have radically changed the political, military and industrial appearance of the most advanced countries, and after them – and many others. The debate about the need to engage Russia in the First world war and its causes will probably be endless. Concepts there is a huge variety – from longing desire of the German Empire to dominate the world before an insurmountable without large-scale military actions of the contradictions in the whole of Europe and far beyond its borders. As once was said – it was a purely imperialist nature.

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To theorize here without getting tired. But it is more productive to look at the practical results. Chief among them – three of the revolution: two in Russia and one in Germany, as well as the liquidation of four empires: Russian, German, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian. And the last two were separated. And if as a result of the war, Germany lost part of its territory and economic power, Russia waited a radical historical turning point with numerous victims and a radical change of historical course. Another outcome of the war affected later in 1939 and the following years. Humiliating to the Berlin Treaty of Versailles and the thirst for revenge led to an even grander disaster, which stood at the origins of the Nazis.

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