The Finance Ministry is confident that the EU will agree to the payments for energy in the Euro

Euro coins.

Минфин уверен, что в ЕС согласятся на расчеты за энергоносители в евро
Alexey Sukhorukov

MOSCOW, 29 Nov — the European companies will gladly switch to payments in euros for energy, the solution here is to take the Russian business, which now prefers the dollar in supplies to Europe, said the acting head of the Department for monitoring of external constraints of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Dmitry Timofeev.

“We actually believe that the Europeans will want to switch to payments in euros for the supply of energy. All these decisions have to be made in Russia, because Russian oil companies prefer to use the dollar in supplies to Europe. It can also be changed. Over time, I think we will succeed”, — he said, speaking at the conference, “Sanctions and Russia: together forever?”.

According to him, this will act as a limiter for American unilateral actions. “Because now the United States receive significant advantage from having a reserve currency,” said Timofeev.

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