The FBI is investigating the company’s activities related to the acting US attorney General

The FBI.

ФБР расследует деятельность компании, связанной с и.о. генпрокурора США
© AP Photo / Louis Lanzano

MOSCOW, 10 Nov – the FBI is investigating allegations of fraud in the company, a member of the Advisory Committee which was previously the acting head of the justice Department, Matthew Whitaker, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing sources, and one of the alleged victims.

According to the newspaper, talking about the company World Patent Marketing Inc, based in Florida. In 2017, the Federal trade Commission accused the company of fraud for millions of dollars, after which the company closed. The regulator said that the company promised its customers assistance in obtaining a patent and is made by them inventions, but after receiving the money did not represent “virtually no services”.

According to the newspaper, Whitaker took a paid position in the Committee World Patent Marketing Inc. at a time when there was alleged fraud.

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