The expert commented on the findings of the American media about Russian ships

Training of a company of Marines.

Эксперт прокомментировал выводы американских СМИ о российских кораблях
Vitaly ANEC

MOSCOW, 30 Nov — Assessment, which gives the Russian military ships of the American press, shows the recognition of the capabilities of the Navy of Russia, said the chief editor of “national defense” Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, the us magazine the National Interest has compiled a list of the five “deadliest” of the Russian warships. According to the publication, today, Russia is actively improving its fleet. To this end, Moscow uses cost-effective, export-oriented innovation and upgrading existing technology. Because of this in the Navy are “first-class ships”, represents a serious threat to a potential enemy.

“Estimates that sound in the American press, shows recognition of the real possibilities of the Russian naval weapons,” said Korotchenko.

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