The expert called upon to study the experience of support for private space companies

Space rocket light-class Angara-1.2 PP at launch at the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Эксперт призвал изучить опыт поддержки частных космических компаний

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — a Dedicated US air force three commercial companies the means to create new launch vehicles constitute a small amount by American standards, but fosters competition and technological development of the industry, so this needs to be replicated, said member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin.

Previously, the U.S. air force has financially supported three projects of the new American launch vehicles — Blue Origin rocket New Glenn, Northrop Grumman OmegA with a rocket, and United Launch Alliance rocket Centaur Vulcan. Until 2024, the company will receive a total of $ 2 billion. In the first phase, each company will receive $ 181 million. In the end of the three will choose two missiles, which the Pentagon uses to launch military satellites. In the US air force noted that the competition held for the creation of national missiles, abandoning the use of Russian RD-180 engines in connection with plans on stoppage of use of heavy rockets Delta IV.

“I think that is a continuation of the effective and systemic us policy of development of space technologies. The first experience they have done in the early 2000 years with the company SpaceX. The experience is very successful. Now they implement this project under the banner of promoting competition, the development of the industry. I think it is effective, competent and systematic policy. It is obvious that we need to learn this. Support policy of monopoly, as shown, leads to failure. For the development of technologies and savings, we also need to develop competition in the aerospace industry. There is a state Roscosmos, but it is necessary to support and private initiative,” said Jonas, commenting on the statement by the US air force.

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