The expert called “a guaranteed way to destroy the USA”

To demonstrate the principle of operation of the missile complex strategic purpose of the Bank. Эксперт назвал "гарантированный способ уничтожения США"© Russian defense Ministry

MOSCOW, 24 Okt — nuclear weapon Strikes of hyperkalemia for hazardous geophysical conditions the areas in the U.S. will lead to a guaranteed destruction of the country, says the military expert, the President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov in an article for “Military-industrial courier”.

According to experts, to prevent aggression from the West, Russia should not follow in the footsteps of the Soviet Union and to compete with the US in the nuclear race quantitatively. Instead, he offers a “asymmetric response” in the technological aspect. Sivkov noted that Moscow has the technology to construct nuclear weapons with a caliber of more than a hundred megatons of TNT.

“The creation of 40-50 of such warheads for heavy ICBMs or long range torpedoes provides a reductio critically on the geophysical conditions of the areas in the U.S. (e.g., the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO, faults of the Pacific coast) of at least a few of these weapons in any situation. Such attacks are guaranteed to destroy the USA as a state, and the entire transnational elite. This again makes large-scale nuclear war is irrational and reduces the chances of its occurrence to zero,” he said.

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