The expert assessed the possibility of dialogue between Russia and the United States on cyber security

Cybersecurity. Эксперт оценил возможность диалога России и США по кибербезопасности Alex Maligawa

MOSCOW, 8 Okt — Maria Knyazev. The dialogue with America on the military aspects of cybersecurity is possible, but this question is very politicized within the United States, said the Deputy Director of the Center for European and international studies, NRU HSE Dmitry Suslov at the round table in MIA “Russia today”.

As according to Suslov, is to talk about cybersecurity with the United States on a bilateral basis difficult as the issue is politicized, but “it would be optimal to conduct these negotiations with the same Americans, but under the heading of NATO.” Then, the expert believes, “it will be a question of relations between NATO and Russia, not between Russia and the US directly… here you can even about something to negotiate.”

“Cybersphere… is a new and increasingly important theater of war. Because cybersphere is the area most likely to use each other unacceptable military damage in the crisis, to agree on the rules of the game it is simply necessary”, — said Suslov.

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