The escalation in the Donbas is hardly possible to “signal” the US expert said

Petro Poroshenko. Обострение в Донбассе вряд ли возможно до "отмашки" США, заявил эксперт The press service of the President of Ukraine

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — the Escalation in the Donbas is unlikely to happen after the order of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to fire, this requires “go-ahead” from Washington, the Director of the Institute of Russian abroad Sergey Panteleev.

Earlier Poroshenko during a visit to exercise “clear sky” in the Khmelnytsky oblast has ordered the security forces to open fire in the Donbass “for the preservation of human life,” noting that the need to “save every Ukrainian soldier”.

“This is campaign rhetoric on his part. No escalation will not happen without a nod from curators from Washington, and they, as you said, not set on it. No real offensive will not. The excesses may be,” — said the expert during a round table on the theme “Ukraine: escalation in all directions”, held in “the parliamentary newspaper”.

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