The economist: the Nobel prize looks “pretty weird”

The announcement of the Nobel prize in Economics in 2018 in StockholmЭкономист: решение по Нобелевской премии выглядит "довольно странно"© REUTERS / TT News Agency / Henrik MontgomeryОбъявлены Nobel prize winners in Economics: they are William Nordhaus, and Paul Romer. On radio Sputnik economist Alexander prosviryakov expressed the view that research of American scientists received an inflated rating.

Prize in Economics, established in memory of Alfred Nobel the Swedish state Bank in 1968, was awarded scientist of the United States William Nordhaus and Sex Romero for work in the field of economic modelling of the linkages of the market economy and climate change. This was announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The prize is awarded to the Nordhaus “for research on the integration of climate change in long-run macroeconomic analysis.” Romero the prize was awarded “for studies of the integration of technological innovation in long-run macroeconomic analysis.”

Romer is an American economist, Professor of the school of business at new York University and the founder of models of the arrow-Romer (learning activities). Nordhaus – economist, Yale University Professor.

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