The defense Ministry has laid upon US the blame for the plight of the refugees in the camp “er-Ryban”

Syrian refugees in the camp, Ryban. Минобороны возложило на США вину за положение беженцев в лагере "Эр-Рукбан"© 2018 AFP / Khalil Mazraawi

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — the blame for the plight of the more than 70 thousand Syrian refugees in the camp “er-Ryban” lies with the military command of the U.S. army, said the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Vladimir Savchenko on Thursday.

It is reported that in the account of the administration of the refugee camps “er-Ruban” in the microblog Twitter on October 9 has published a video about the plight of Syrian citizens residing in its territory. In the defense Ministry reminded that this refugee camp is located near the American military base near the village of al-TANF. The Ministry said that the United States imposed a ban on entry into the 55-kilometer zone around your base for the Syrian government structures and humanitarian organizations. Bringing the Syrian government and the Russian Center denied the opportunity to organize the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Syrian citizens in the camp “er-Ruban”.

“Thus, the blame for the plight there are more than 70 thousand refugees lies squarely at the military command of the U.S. army,” — said Savchenko.

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