The compiler of a dossier on trump refused to testify in the U.S. Congress

The US Congress building in Washington. Составитель досье на Трампа отказался давать показания в конгрессе США Igor Mikhalev

WASHINGTON, 12 Oct — the head of the company, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, to collect a dossier on the President of the United States Donald trump, refused to participate in closed hearings in the judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress, where he was summoned.

“On behalf of Glenn Simpson’s answer… that he would not testify at closed hearings in the Committee,” — said representing the interests of the Simpson law firm of Cunningham Levy LLP law Muse in a letter to the Chairman of the Committee. It is noted that Simpson refuses to testify, citing constitutional rights.

Earlier it became known that the supporters of the Democratic party and opponents of the trump among Republicans in 2015, when the billionaire was a presidential candidate, has hired a research firm Fusion of GPS, led by Glenn Simpson, to compile a dossier on trump, where to reflect his weaknesses and scandals associated with the business in real estate.

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