The coalition led by the US announced the elimination of one of the leaders of the IG*

Damascus at dawn.

Коалиция во главе с США заявила о ликвидации одного из главарей ИГ*
© Photo : SANA

MOSCOW, Dec 3 — the Coalition headed by the USA eliminated in Syria, one of the leaders of the terrorist group “Islamic state”*, informs television channel Fox News, citing the statement of the representative of the coalition of Sean Ryan.

According to the channel, Abu al-Amarin was involved in the murder of a former member of the U.S. army Peter Cassia in 2014. The leader of ISIS* was killed Sunday when struck the coalition with the help of the UAV in the Syrian desert. Also, under the blow was destroyed several members of the terrorist organization.

Peter kessig, a former soldier of the U.S. army, a native of Indianapolis, was captured in October 2013 by militants in Syria, where he was a member of one of the humanitarian organizations and were engaged in the distribution of food and medicines. Kessig, which were not previously part of the military group of the US served in Iraq, also trained as a nurse and trained Syrian refugees initial medical care in injuries. During his stay in Syria Peter kessig converted to Islam and took a new name Abdul Rahman.

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