The cause of death of the actor, who starred in the Austin powers movies

Actor Verne Troyer. Названа причина смерти актера, сыгравшего в фильмах про Остина Пауэрса© AP Photo / John Salangsang

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — the Cause of death of American actor Verne Troyer, known for the role of Mini-me in the movies about Austin Powers, was alcohol intoxication, according to the portal TMZ, citing a report by the office of the medical examiner County of Los Angeles.

As the newspaper notes, the autopsy report stated that the Troyer died from “effects of alcohol intoxication”. As the portal notes, the actor has long suffered from alcohol dependence and several times was treated.

Verne Troyer died in April at the 50-m to year of life after a few weeks after he was admitted to the hospital and was hooked up to life support.

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