The autumn wind will help “revive” the Rover Opportunity, I hope in NASA

The Rover OpportunityОсенние ветра помогут "оживить" марсоход Opportunity, надеются в НАСА

MOSCOW, 12 Oct – a Strong autumn wind blowing on Mars, will clean the solar panels of the Rover Opportunity from dust and sand and help to restore the connection with the device, “silenced” at the beginning of June due to powerful dust storms, said NASA.

“We continue to send signals to the Rover. NASA has not set any deadlines after which we will cease all attempts to contact him. In November, Mars will begin the next “autumn winds”, which we hope will clear the battery of the Rover from dust and we will be able to Wake him up,” the scientists write.

In early June, Mars launched a powerful dust storm that enveloped the major part of endeavour crater where the Mars Rover Opportunity. A few days after it started, the situation is so deteriorated that engineers of the mission where I had to move the Rover in a state of emergency and remove all of its tools, save hours.

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