The astronomers worked out how much light has the universe produced

This is how the artist imagined the quasar

Астрономы выяснили, как много света выработала Вселенная

MOSCOW, 30 Nov – /strong>. Orbital telescope “Fermi” has helped astronomers calculate the total amount of light that was generated by all the stars of the Universe for all her life time, and to estimate the speed of their birth in different eras. Their findings were presented in the journal Science.

“We have long tried to study the “lights of the Universe”, however a bright background objects, such as “zodiacal light”, the illumination of dust in the Solar system, prevented to do it. We have created a method that “ignores” such interference, which allowed us to circumvent all the difficulties in one sitting,” says Abhishek Desai (Abishek Desai) from Clemson University (USA).

Extragalactic background radiation (extragalactic background light — EBL) is elapsed since the epoch of formation of the first stars in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation. Unlike the cosmic microwave background from the Big Bang, the electromagnetic waves to be detected extremely difficult — it “scores” the powerful radiation of modern stars and galaxies.

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