The analyst estimated the threat of state Department against Russia because of the Ukrainian sailors

The ships of naval forces of Ukraine detained by the border service of the Russian Federation for violation of the state border of Russia, in the port of Kerch. 26 Nov 2018

Аналитик оценил угрозы Госдепа в адрес России из-за украинских моряков
Alex Malabarista the United States promised Russia “the consequences and pain” for detainees near the Kerch Strait Ukrainian ships and sailors. What might these consequences, on radio Sputnik suggested political analyst Vladislav Gulevich.

The US state Department once again urged Russia to release the detainees near the Kerch Strait, the Ukrainian seamen, threatening that in case of refusal Russia waiting for “pain and consequences.” This was stated by an unnamed senior official of the Ministry, reported on the website of the state Department.

“We want the Russians perceived the message that they need to release the crew, or there will be consequences, and the pain will only get worse with time,” said a senior official of the Ministry. He added that it was “a permanent message to the Russians in different forms of aggressive behavior.”

He repeated Washington’s position on the incident in the Kerch Strait, saying that this “act of aggression” and “a clear military escalation and a violation of international law and freedom of navigation.”

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