The analyst commented on trump’s words about the “Obama regime” and the Crimea

Stele of the Republic of Crimea on the Kerch ferry

Политолог прокомментировал слова Трампа о "режиме Обамы" и Крыме
Mr Traveloptions USA Donald trump accused “the Obama regime” in the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Commenting on this statement on radio Sputnik, political analyst Igor Shatrov said that Russia remains an important factor of political struggle in the United States.

The US President Donald trump said that his predecessor in the post of head of state Barack Obama made the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

During a press conference on the results of the last U.S. midterm elections trump mentioned the successful meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki this summer. He also said that Obama “allowed” the Peninsula to move to Russia. The journalist interrupted him and noted that this alleged “fault” of Putin.

“It was the regime of President Obama. Obama did it”, – said the head of the White house.

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