The American Ambassador in Moscow is being forced to retire with his wife

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman with his wife Mary Kay.

Американского посла в Москве принуждают уединяться с женой
Ekaterina Chesnokova

Maxim Sokolov, /strong>

The Utah newspaper The Deseret News (the analogue of “Barnaul truth”, i.e. the newspaper’s respected, but not nationwide) has published a lot of material about the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow John Huntsman. In the text, including the conversation of the journalist with the Ambassador, tells how a mission to Moscow and dangerous, and difficult.

The huntsman is sure that Spaso house, where his residence, replete with bugs (i.e. listening devices) and this creates considerable difficulties in his family life. Every time he has run ten minutes to the Embassy, where there is a secret room, protected from wiretapping, if he needs to talk to the wife alone or to argue. In the latter case, however, the Russian security services rather strengthen his marriage.

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