The administration trump no plan on Afghanistan, the expert said

The U.S. military in Sochi, Afghanistan.

У администрация Трампа нет плана по Афганистану, считает эксперт
© AP Photo / Hoshang Hashimi

MOSCOW, 30 Nov — the Administration of us President Donald trump has his own vision of a way out of the Afghan crisis, the United States in the current environment is not able to develop a coherent strategy for conflict regions, including Afghanistan, said a Junior researcher at the Center for international security, IMEMO ran them Yevgeny Primakov, Natalia Shapiro.

“On the one hand, trump continues the line of (Barack) Obama, who in 2014 and 2016, gradually loosened restrictions on the conduct of hostilities, on the other hand, Obama has sought to tightly control the actions of the us military. Trump, by contrast, expands freedom of action, citing the fact that strict control from the White house impeded the achievement of victory. The peace process with the participation of elements of the Taliban depends on the effective military efforts. The intensification of the fighting is intended to force the Taliban to peace”, — the expert said at international scientific conference “Situation in Afghanistan and formation of regional security system in Central Asia” in PFUR.

At the same time, she noted, it is unclear how, as conceived by American strategists will ensure the sustainability and irreversibility of the progress achieved in the event of a change in the balance of power.

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