Syrian General accused the U.S. of supporting terrorists

Us special forces in Syria.

Сирийский генерал обвинил США в поддержке террористов
© AFP 2018 / Delil Souleiman

DAMASCUS, Nov 8 – Zaman Ramazanov. The US and its allies instead of fighting with terrorists in Syria, support them, guide them, and hand out jobs, said in an interview with the head of the political Department of the Syrian army, Brigadier General Hasan Ahmad Hasan.

“This coalition is led by “Islamic state”* (IG*) and controls its activity, it assigns tasks to groups, i.e. roles are distributed, no more and no less… the Only fact that is proven around the world – USA and their supporters are not fighting terrorism, but are only pretending to fight him by yourself or through the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF),” said Hassan.

Proof General has called the reports that the leaders of ISIS* was repeatedly evacuated from combat zones to safe areas by American planes and helicopters.

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