Stocks markets in Europe are down almost 2% following the collapse of the US stock market

Stock exchange in Frankfurt. Биржи Европы снижаются почти на 2% вслед за падением фондового рынка США© AP Photo / Michael Probst

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — the Main European indexes have decreased on Thursday after the U.S. stock market on fears of further rising US yields and on the negative forecasts from the IMF, according to trading data and analysts ‘ comments.

As at 13.41 GMT British FTSE 100 has decreased on 1,87%, to 7010,04 points, French CAC 40 — on 1,83%, to 5110,85 points, the German DAX down 1.6%, to 11525,19 points.

The major stock indexes of USA after Wednesday, have lost 3 to 4% on the back of increase in yields on 10-year us government bonds. After the release of strong statistics from the USA at the end of last week, the yield on ten-year bonds began to grow and on Tuesday rose to its highest level since 2011 to 3.26%, while by the close of trading Wednesday it decreased to 3,167%. The yield dynamics of government bonds and the stock market, as a rule, inversely proportional, as a highly profitable husbandi can guarantee investors profits with less risk and more stability than stocks.

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