South Korean media revealed the content of the talks Pompeo and Kim Jong UN

Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a meeting. October 7, 2018Южнокорейские СМИ раскрыли содержание переговоров Помпео и Ким Чен Ына© Photo : the account in “Twitter” Mike Pompeo

TOKYO, 8 Oct – Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during his visit to the DPRK discussed with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the possibility of the creation of the coordinating Bureau of the United States in Pyongyang in response to the steps North Korea on denuclearization, writes South Korean newspaper “tone of Ilbo” referring to sources.

“Pompeo on 7 October met and visited lunch with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the parties agreed to hold the second summit of the US-DPRK in the near future”, — stated in the article.

“They discussed the adoption of a Declaration to end the war and appropriate measures from the United States, including the establishment of the coordinating Bureau in Pyongyang. In response, North Korea has declared its readiness to allow inspectors on the ground testing of rocket engines and to dismantle the nuclear facility in Yongbyon and, in particular, the elimination of Intercontinental ballistic missiles”, — the newspaper continues.

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