South Korea urged the U.S. to resolve humanitarian projects in the DPRK


В Южной Корее призвали США разрешить гуманитарные проекты в КНДР
Ilya Pitalev

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — the Special adviser to the President of South Korea on unification, foreign Affairs and national security mun Jeong-In said that USA can get out of “deadlock” in talks on denuclearization with North Korea, if allowed to conduct humanitarian projects in the country, reports Yonhap news Agency.

“Many American citizens want to do humanitarian business in North Korea, but I can’t because of the limitations of the government. The removal of these restrictions can become pretty positive message to North Korea,” said moon Jeong-In.

The adviser added that reward the DPRK for the denuclearization of the steps does not have to be an easing of sanctions. As reported, earlier the President of South Korea moon Jae-In said that such “compensation” may include reducing military exercises between South Korea and the United States, humanitarian assistance, exchanges in sports and culture.

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