Shoigu threatened response to the possible deployment in Poland of US division

Polish and American military during exercises in Poland. Шойгу пригрозил ответом на возможное размещение в Польше дивизии США© AP Photo / Alik Keplicz

MINSK, 24 Oct — the Plans of the Polish government to place on its territory on a permanent basis the division of the armed forces of the United States do not contribute to the strengthening of regional security and force Russia to retaliate, said the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu.

“The plans of the Polish government to place on a permanent basis in its territory division of the US armed forces is counterproductive and not conducive to maintaining the stability and the strengthening of regional security,” Shoigu said on Wednesday at a joint Board of military departments of Russia and Belarus.

“In these circumstances we are forced to retaliate and must be prepared to neutralize the potential military threats on all fronts”, he added.

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