Shallow to swim. In the United States figured out a way to convince Europe to do without gas from Russia

The US Navy accompanies the tanker to transport LNGМелко плавают. В США придумали, как убедить Европу обойтись без газа из РФCC BY 2.0 / U.S. Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Bryan Blair / U.S. Senators propose to pay the Europeans for the purchase of LNG to the us. If only those gas from Russia did not buy. A billion dollars to be allocated. But, it seems, finely their LNG tankers are floating.

Not whining because the money to appease. Haunted Washington an extensive network of Russian gas supplies to Europe. It’s a shame the Americans, fact. Russia, therefore, able to provide billions of cubic meters of “old” and the States are worse? Nothing! Even better, signed in Washington by flattering ourselves. Even come up with a plan. Realizing that the Russian pipeline gas is cheaper, the Americans decided to help their companies to invest in strategic projects of the EU. And so everything was decorous and noble, Senator from the Republican party Ron Johnson and Democrat Chris Murphy wrote a bill, which is all beautifully painted.

Supposedly stimulated by European money will help your business to find new sources of energy will create new jobs in the United States. And supposedly it will contribute to the destruction of the “control” of Russia over Europe in the energy sector. Economists American politicians ridiculed. The fact that the proposed amount (billion dollars) does not take into account the current trends of the European market. Johnson and Murphy, of course, know better. However, a billion is not exactly enough for all the necessary expenses.

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What kind of projects exactly you want to target the States of their business – until a mystery. However, there is a suspicion that investment can go, most likely, the construction of receiving terminals and regasification, to then be run through pipes throughout Europe.

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