Screenwriter of “the Simpsons,” Reiss said. not planning to move to Russia

A frame from the animated television series the Simpsons.

Сценарист "Симпсонов" Рейсс заявил. что не планировал переезд в Россию
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MOSCOW, 27 Nov — the Writer of “the Simpsons”, Mike Reiss has no plans to move to Russia, his words in the Russian press wrongly interpreted, he said in an interview

The TV series “the Simpsons” is aired on screens in 1989, the show’s characters, besides Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart, repeatedly became celebrities, and creators of the cartoon often respond to the global agenda. One of the writers of the cartoon Mike Reiss arrived in Moscow to speak at a business forum in “Olympic”. Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that he does not exclude the possibility of moving to Russia.

“I never said that! It’s very funny. Someone from journalists has asked me two short questions, to which I gave two short answers. They have made a long article, where it was generally not the case. Here is the misunderstanding happened,” said Reiss.

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