Scientists have uncovered the true cause of atherosclerosis

The scientist with the model of DNA in vitroРоссийские биологи раскрыли истинную причину развития атеросклероза

MOSCOW, 8 Oct – /strong>. Blood vessels start to grow cholesterol plaques and lose flexibility, not due to disturbances in the metabolism of fats, and due to the development of foci of inflammation. To such conclusion the Russian and foreign doctors, who published their findings in journals and Atherosclerosis Current Pharmaceutical Design.

“Surprisingly, none of the ten us open genes was not associated with cholesterol metabolism. This suggests that the key role here is played by the activation of proinflammatory genes, while changes in genes associated with fat metabolism can be triggered by inflammation,” explains Aleksandr Orekhov, Institute of General pathology and pathophysiology Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

The invisible killer

Atherosclerosis and related heart disease and blood vessels, according to statistics of the who remain one of the main causes of death in most countries of the world, despite all attempts to defeat it. As a rule, the disease begins with the accumulation of cholesterol on the walls of the vessels, which after a while leads to their thickening, accumulation of calcium and loss of flexibility.

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