Scientists have named the main reason of high life expectancy

Elderly for food.

Ученые назвали главную причину высокой продолжительности жизни

MURMANSK, 31 may – experts from the American Vanderbilt University came to the conclusion that the number of neurons in the brain depends on the average life expectancy of animals and humans.

Brazilian neuroscientist Suzana Herculano-Houzel examined data on life expectancy more than 700 species of warm-blooded animals using the AnAge database. She then analyzed the number of cortical neurons from various representatives of the animal environment. She then compared those ratios.

About 75 percent of cases have been able to predict true life expectancy. For example, birds live about ten times longer than mammals with the same parameters of the body, but fewer neurons in the brain. Previously, scientists had paid more attention to the study of body weight and metabolism, however, not more than 30 percent of the predictions came true.

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