Scientists have named an ideal time to quit Smoking

Cigarette in the ashtray

Ученые назвали идеальное время для того, чтобы бросить курить

MOSCOW, 5 November /strong>. Doctors recommend to quit Smoking, not later than 40-45 years, as the cardiovascular system returns to the order of only about 15 years after tobacco withdrawal. This told the scientists, speaking at a meeting of the American heart Association in Dallas.

“We have shown that within five years after you quit Smoking, your health will improve noticeably. The risk to get heart attack, stroke and other heart problems will fall by about 38%. On the other hand, our study shows that these odds remain higher than normal for at least 16 years of age. So quit Smoking have right now,” said Meredith Duncan, (Meredith Duncan) from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (USA).

Smoking and its related diseases are one of the main causes of premature death in the Earth today. According to statistics from the CDC, each year in the world from Smoking and secondary Smoking kills about 6 million people, and two out of three smokers usually die for reasons related to the abuse of tobacco.

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