Scientists have explained why the figure may be hazardous to health

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Ученые рассказали, почему рис может быть опасным для здоровья

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – /strong>. Rice grain can accumulate large amounts of arsenic and other toxins, most of which fall into the human body during the digestion of food. This was stated by the biologists who spoke at the conference of the Society for risk analysis in New Orleans.

“We conducted the first systematic assessment of how much arsenic contain a typical grain of rice, and learned how much it gets into the body during the digestion of food. Soon we will learn and how it affects the human body,” said Zheng Zhou (Zheng Zhou) from Indiana University (USA).

High levels of lead, arsenic and many other elements in the water, water pipes, dishes and other household items and everyday life often leads to the development of serious disorders in the brain and body. Many historians today believe that the tradition of the use of lead cookware could be one of the causes of decline of Ancient Rome, and the highest concentration of lead in the water has caused health problems of children in flint in USA.

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